Together for the new hospice

On Tuesday, 6 September, the first public meeting was held in Fiorano to present the Hospice Area Sud Modena project, which will be built in Spezzano on land donated by the Amici per la Vita association with the important support of the Fondazione di Modena and various local entrepreneurs and will serve the social-health districts of Sassuolo, Pavullo and Vignola.

The project’s testimonial was Italian comedian Giorgio Panariello, who collaborated in the fund-raising effort with the show organised in Formigine’s Piazza Calcagnini on the occasion of Amici per la Vita’s 25th anniversary. The actor opened the show “La favola mia” with the words “Every second of life is precious” to underline the importance of the assistance work carried out by the non-profit association for 25 years.

On the occasion of the meeting on 6 September, Amici per la Vita, together with Ausl and the Unione dei Comuni del Distretto Ceramico (Union of Municipalities of the Ceramic District), with Fiorano as the leader, signed the memorandum of understanding that marks the start of the path towards the realisation of the facility.

Thanks to the support of the Modena Foundation – which has contributed Euro 300,000 to the project – and donations from local businesses, it will be possible to purchase the land that will then be donated to the health authority for the realisation of the project, which will be implemented by the local health authority thanks to regional funding of over Euro 2.8 million.

Thanks to the generosity and sensitivity shown by Amici per la Vita and the communities in the Modena area, a very important network of services for palliative care will be completed, a public work of particular value for citizens: through personalised and multidisciplinary assistance, the hospice will make it possible to guarantee the best possible care in response not only to physical needs but also psychological, spiritual and relational ones, to improve the quality of life of the sick person and his or her family.

Terratinta Group began collaborating with the Amici per la Vita association in the autumn of last year, with corporate volunteer projects aimed at raising funds for the hospice project.


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