• Change

For Terratinta Group, change is the core driver of innovation: this is why Change is the keyword of the company’s approach to sustainability, so important that it has become a project involving all the people of Terratinta Group.


Change is a comprehensive approach that focuses on a series of steps that lead to measurable improvements. These steps are then accompanied by concrete actions that have a positive impact and benefit all stakeholders. Change is the future, the road to sustainability to change business practices and initiate real sustainable change.


1. Formalisation of sustainability commitment in the company statute – Benefit Company

Sustainability is not an abstraction, an important thought today but forgotten tomorrow. Terratinta Group is aware of the fact that the path towards a sustainable business model requires constant commitment: this is why it has been directly included in the corporate purpose of the company statute, choosing to become a Benefit Company.

2. Analysis and certification of sustainability performance – B Impact Assessment

B Corp companies must provide extensive evidence of their positive impact. Every three years, company performance is assessed to make sure they continue to meet rigorous standards. B Corp Certification is based on strict criteria covering performance in five areas: governance, employees, customers, community and environment. B Lab, a non-profit organisation that monitors social and environmental performance standards, conducts verification of adherence to the standards.

3. Identification of Stakeholders and definition of relevant issues – Materiality Analysis

Terratinta Group Stakeholders are the organisations and individuals who can be influenced by the company’s activities. Materiality Analysis is an analysis process that allows the most important sustainability issues for both the company and the stakeholders to be detected.

4. Defining goals and improvement actions – Sustainability Roadmap

The Terratinta Group’s Sustainability Roadmap is shared with stakeholders to ensure that they are part of the company’s economic, social and environmental agenda. It defines the goals to be achieved and is punctually integrated with new challenges for the future.

5. Achieving concrete impact actions in line with the SDGs UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Terratinta Group has identified UN goals on which it will focus its action program to ensure a cross-disciplinary approach involving both management and social activities.

6. Reporting performance – Annual Sustainability Report

Terratinta Group values transparency in reporting on results achieved and sharing future objectives with a view to comparison and improvement. Therefore, since the beginning of the company’s journey as a Benefit Company, a Sustainability Report has been published that reports on this commitment, periodically updating it with dedicated indicators with an international profile, such as the GRI Standards.


With the Change Project, the company has decided to go beyond day-to-day business to actively contribute to environmental conservation by making more sustainable choices, social activities, and professional training courses to raise awareness among the work team and suppliers. A path towards the future, changing the way the company operates in terms of sustainability.



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