the soul of ceramics:
a complete and flexible project
to customize bathroom spaces.

The synergy created by Terratinta Group with Studio Lucchese,
Arbi Arredobagno and Fir Italia is the harmonious background
on which to build a new symphony.


FOR offering services and products
whose quality pursuits perfection.

Welcome in an environment where excellence is expected


Established in 2017,
Terratinta Group has been created
to merge two ceramic companies
and their brands.

Terratinta Ceramiche and Ceramica Magica


In 2018 the third brand
of the Group is born:

Dedicated to small sizes, color and to all those who love details.


Micro. is an open project
We search the essence,
the lowest common denominator.

Since 2019 Micro. joins Terratinta Group


Differents brands, unique vision:

Create something able to generate
a rupture with the past.

See how we did it:

Group last projects

16 December 2019

Courtrai pools

9 December 2019

WZC Frederickxhof Lummen living concept

6 December 2019

Parking garage

23 May 2019

Napulè restaurant

Group collections

We create porcelain tiles for indoor and outdoor spaces, for architectural and domestic project, providing a wide range of products, styles and design.

Get in touch:

If you need info regarding our collection / our brands, or if you want to send us your CV, please write us at info@terratintagroup.com and we will quickly be in touch!