• “TE.VAL” Project

    TErratinta to VALencia

The ‘TE.VAL – TErratinta to VALencia – International Promotion Programme at Cevisama in Valencia’ project, financed with European funds from the Emilia-Romagna Region, plays a crucial role in Terratinta Group Srl’s global expansion strategy.

Taking part in the renowned international trade fair Cevisama 2023 in Valencia, the company presented its wide range of products, including ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware, with the aim of increasing its visibility and attractiveness on foreign markets, with a focus on Europe.

This initiative not only helped promote the products, but also fostered the creation of strategic ties with other companies and professionals in the sector, generating new opportunities for collaboration and business.


Achievements include:

1. Expansion and consolidation in the various target markets, aimed at increasing export turnover shares

2. Networking activities, aimed at both enhancing the brand image and identifying new potential partners

3. Creation of new business relationships and the pursuit of the loyalty of existing ones

4. Competitor analysis

The total investment in the project was €55,810.48, with a regional contribution of €25,000.00.

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