• Sustainability report


Following our established practice, we present the Sustainability Report 2022, the summary of our corporate situation that accompanies the statutory financial statements and reports on the performance of the past year.

Terratinta Group’s journey is one of growth and consolidation: the most natural outcome was the decision to take up the challenge to achieve B Corp certification. We are proud to emphasise that the first step along this path, the amendment of our Articles of Association to become a Benefit Corporation, was not simply a formality but a clear declaration of our commitment to our employees, who are the fundamental part and lifeblood of the company, to our customers and suppliers with whom we share trust and respect for an ethic that goes beyond profit, and finally to the community and the territory in which we operate.
Becoming a Benefit Company has introduced us to a circle of companies that have chosen to distinguish themselves through a virtuous and innovative legal form, giving a new direction to the Company’s activities for the present but above all for the future.

From subtle changes in the company to the creation of green areas, to the proposal of a headquarters that is also welcoming to the families of employees and the focus on the welfare of our team, to volunteering in the community, supporting sports and the youngest members of society, the focus on creating a positive impact at every stage of our work on people, the environment and the community has allowed us, after a long verification process, to obtain B Corp certification in August 2022, well aware that the journey does not end here but continues. Within the company we are all committed to these processes, striving at every stage of our daily operations to pursue change towards a more sustainable future: being a B Corp company means being part of a global movement, looking beyond the narrow perspective of one’s world and opening up to a huge community. It means committing together to the creation of a community of businesses that believe in pursuing a different economy, one that is inclusive and fair, transforming the meaning of profit and making the purpose of business a higher goal.

We try to face future challenges by planning for them in our day-to-day life: our commitment started from afar already with the vision to maintain it. The change in which we want to participate sees companies playing a leading role in the transformation of the global economy. Are we alone in this process? No, there are many virtuous companies, and we also try to be standard-bearers for initiatives that can be replicated. Ours are daily activities close to us and our community, as well as business investments that look towards a better future, and we strive to achieve the goals we set ourselves.

We don’t pretend we can save the world, but we strive every day to do the best we can with the small actions we and our team can take, paying attention to all those processes where we can do better, redesigning them with a new vision. So every year we have multiplied our initiatives to improve the working wellbeing of our team, to give more and more support to the local community and to create an environment where sustainability is at the centre. Of course, sharing our sustainability goals with suppliers and customers is an essential part of our daily work.

Thank you for your cooperation, it helps us improve every day!




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