• A family
    of four

Different brands, a unique vision:
a new approach that disrupts the past.


Terratinta Ceramiche is a leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles with a distinctly Northern European design. A style that focuses on greys, Nordic trends, special decors and concepts that we convey with a curated and distinctive image. A signature look, a new warm minimalism that blends perfectly with Northern European design characterized by minimalist and clean lines, high quality, an eternal look that never goes out of fashion: this is what our products are made of, this is what #terratintastyle is all about.

The new life of a historic brand of Italian ceramics: since 1983, Ceramica Magica has been offering a complete range of products with different aesthetics and impeccable quality. The evolution over time of an eternal style, under the banner of Made in Italy excellence.

A tailored project for all those who love interiordesign, small sizes, colour and decoration. From these four elements anew chapter within Terratinta Group is born, aiming to create a new stylethat can be exported all over the world.Just like the detailed and creative creations of a tailor, Sartoria designsand fulfils distinguished ideas, giving new life to the craftsmanship of thesmall ceramic size. From white-body walls to porcelain stoneware tiles, different options designed for small and wide spaces: a unique, contrasting design, a choice between styles, a choice of style.

Micro. is an open and constantly evolving project that seeks the essence, the lowest common denominator. Micro. feeds on inspirations from the past and visions that look to the future, combining small sizes that draw, with textures and colours, infinite suggestions for floor and wall coverings and essential shapes that give new life to design.
A new covering concept that contains new surfaces to explore, an original brand with a strong architectural imprint in which the 13 shades that characterise the colour development of all the collections are presented with the variability offered by glazes, mosaic tile compositions, grit inclusions, and the shadows created by three-dimensionality.


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