The value of Community

Today a festive morning was held at the headquarters of Terratinta Group. In collaboration with the I.I.S. Selmi of Modena, the Mayor of Fiorano Modenese Francesco Tosi with CEO Luca Migliorini delivered the scholarships just named after his father Giorgio Migliorini. The two winning students, who graduated with honours and met the economic requirements, have chosen to continue their studies at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, benefiting from the contribution offered by the Company.

In awarding the Scholarships, the Mayor thanked Terratinta Group and the Migliorini family for the example of corporate social responsibility: “We can only be happy for these moments. Deserving works should be disclosed, hoping for an emulative effect. This is a fine example of a company that cares about the whole community having growth opportunities.”

The choice to name the award after Giorgio Migliorini, father of Terratinta Group CEO Luca Migliorini and General Manager Marco Migliorini, was certainly not a random one. A life spent working with commitment and passion in the ceramics sector, Giorgio Migliorini has never lost sight of one objective: attention to people, both in the company and in everyday life, as the CEO recalled during the award ceremony: “Terratinta Group is a Benefit Company, and we try to have a reason for being other than just turnover. We try to be attentive to the local community by carrying out initiatives that give meaning and value to the company beyond that of “simple” profit. We carry out several activities, small, concrete things that we hope will set an example for the desire to excel in charitable and sustainable activities in our community.

Furthermore, we dedicate these scholarships to our father, a man who was not born here in the district and who invested in study and culture to radically change his life and always taught us that knowledge can give us satisfaction in our private and professional lives. Culture is a personal thing that remains. We hope we have been able to help you a little, and may your future be bright.”


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