The German Institute of Quality and Finance places Terratinta Group among the Champions of Growth 2021

The third edition of the study on Italian companies in major economic expansion celebrates the dynamism of Terratinta Group.

Made in Italy is the key to overcome the delicate situation we are living and companies that bet on dynamism, versatility and sustainability are those that grow the most. These are the foundations that have allowed Terratinta Group to be included among the “Champions of Growth 2021”, the ranking achieved by the German Institute of Quality and Finance (Istituto Tedesco Qualità e Finanza) on the occasion of the third edition of the largest study on Italian companies in major economic expansion.

What makes Terratinta Group worthy of such recognition?
Since its foundation in 2017, the group has shown a constant inclination to bet on a combination of factors that are not limited to the pursuit of profit but that set a fundamental aim, the most human and ethical aspect of business activity. In this sense, it has carried out a series of coordinated projects and initiatives that began with the Change Project, an ethical and strategic choice that foresees, a few years from now, the transformation of the Group into a completely zero-impact company.

A path that guarantees high quality products in the name of the best Made in Italy and at the same time bearers of values that today are essential.

Among the initiatives, worthy of mention are the Plastic Free, Green Energy, Paper Decrease and employee participation in the European Mobility Week.
To underline this commitment will be the publication of the first Sustainability Report at the end of 2020.


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