Terratinta Group presents two scholarships to deserving young students

Tangible actions guide Terratinta Group’s path within the community, a living reality in which the company has long operated in addition to its daily work.

Alongside its volunteer work, for the past two years, Terratinta Group has decided to set up a Scholarship for deserving students in collaboration with the Selmi Institute of Modena.

This morning, the Giorgio Migliorini Memorial Scholarships were handed over to two brilliant students who completed their studies in the 2021/22 academic year. Mayor Francesco Tosi, councillor Luca Busani, school headmistress Elisa Prampolini, and Terratinta Group CEO Luca Migliorini took part in the presentation of the scholarships.

Another practical initiative welcomed by Mayor Tosi, who emphasised the deep connection between territory and culture: “When a company is concerned about channelling its resources to the good of the territory in which it operates, it is something highly appreciable: these are exemplary initiatives that we hope will be emulated. When one then turns to young people to strengthen the right to study, the foundation of our society and the fundamental realisation of the ethical and constitutional principles of equality and freedom, there is further cause for satisfaction.

This Scholarship,” Migliorini explains, “is an initiative that allows us to remember our father, who started in a small town in the Tuscan province. Thanks to his hunger for knowledge and his passion for reading, he strove to increase his culture with the resources he had at his disposal. His was a difficult start but one that stubbornly led to a turnaround. I invite all young people with healthy families behind them but with some economic difficulties to believe that meritocracy exists and that it depends on their will, on the fire inside them, to find a place in the world. Never let yourself think that work is only for survival, because you will devote a lot of time to it and it must also be a passion. This is a small help that is part of our daily actions towards the community: good luck with this new beginning.


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