Terratinta Group has obtained the B Corp Certification

It is a great honour to announce that Terratinta Group has achieved B Corp Certification.

B Corp companies are committed to high standards of transparency and sustainability to improve and certify their positive impact on the environment, stakeholders, employees and the community.

The B Corp community pursues objectives beyond profit, following a more inclusive and sustainable socio-economic model, that creates and redistributes value among all stakeholders.

Terratinta Group’s commitment goes back a long way: in small steps, day after day, we have shared everyday actions to be carried out within the company and activated projects for our community aimed at pursuing the common good.

Our goal has always been to do not only what is necessary, but also and above all what is right for us and the people around us, the best motivation to continue along our path.

A certification that is a great step forward to continue our journey towards sustainability, not a point of arrival but a push on the path of continuous improvement.


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