Terratinta Group becomes Benefit Company

Terratinta Group has become a Benefit Company: a further landmark in the journey always aimed at being a virtuous company, with great attention to environment and sustainability. Becoming a Benefit Company brings first of all a change in the corporate name, which now becomes Terratinta Group Srl SB.

A change which is not only formal but also statutory. As a matter of fact, four key points for the forthcoming future of the Company have been integrated in the Statute:

. Terratinta Group is committed to pursuing a corporate welfare that gives satisfaction to people who collaborate within the professional family through physical and intangible elements that improve the relationship between private life and work;
. relationships with customers and suppliers are based on trust and shared values such as ethics, respect and professionalism;
. Terratinta Group is committed to carrying out a program of concrete activities for the environment, with sustainable behavior both inside and outside the company;
. Terratinta Group is committed to being a benchmark for the community and the territory, particularly supporting sports and children.
These are the first steps of Terratinta Group in this new role as Benefit Company, clearly defined and measurable. The aim is to reaffirm strongly and formally that this commitment is to make a concrete contribution to a sustainable future for everyone, the employees, the community and the environment.
Becoming a Benefit Company introduces Terratinta Group to a circle of companies that have chosen to stand out through a virtuous and innovative legal form.

For Terratinta Group, the change in statute aims to give a new direction to the Company’s activity not only for the present but also for the future, to maintain our commitment to the good of people, the community and the planet.

A lasting commitment that fits into the DNA of the Company.


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