Terratinta Group becomes a Carbon Neutral Company

Since 20 November 2020, Terratinta Group has become a Carbon Neutral company, taking charge of its environmental impacts and choosing to work in a way to make its activities not to impact on the climate.

This result was achieved thanks to the participation in the agroforestry project “Fazenda Nascente do Luar”. The project concerns the reforestation of an area in Brazil that was previously totally degraded due to cattle grazing.

The results? Thanks to operations like this, climate change is being mitigated, water flows have been regulated, the habitat has been expanded and the flora and fauna have been restored in an area that was subject to fires in order to reduce the cover of trees and stimulate the growth of grass for the herds. These operations had greatly depleted the soil that now, thanks to reforestation (ie planting of trees where once there was forest) has become a fruitful soil again.

Terratinta Group compensated both Scope 1 (direct CO2 emissions) and Scope 2 (indirect energy emissions) for a total of 127 tons of carbon dioxide through the use of high quality VCS carbon credits.

This means that the Company compensated the emissions generated in the previous calendar year (Carbon Footprint) through Carbon Credits certified and recognized by the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Conventions on Climate Change).


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