Our new Sustainability Report is out!

It is a source of pride for us, as a Benefit Company, to present our second Sustainability Report that summarizes and describes the company’s goals.

This report aims to explain the company’s impact on our important stakeholders, and to tell you about our projects that aim to make us a leader in sustainability. How? Always doing not only what is necessary, but also and above all what is right for both us and the people around us, inspiring others to do likewise.

Last week we took part in the European Mobility Week, the perfect occasion to engage in tangible activities. Our team experimented home-to-work travel in Bike to Work mode and Carpooling, with different crews, which allowed us to avoid travel by car on the home-to-work routes and to reduce polluting emissions: minus 22.21 kg Co2 in just one week!

At Terratinta Group we just don’t say that we are sustainable: we demonstrate it even in our daily routine and with our company philosophy, production processes and with our products that always have a careful eye on environmental issues.
Next step? The BCorp Certification, the crowning achievement of a journey matured over years of work, aware that this is not the final achievement, but a step forward.



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