FestiValori 2023

Businesses pursuing the common good and sustainability: Terratinta Group took part in the FestiValori panel, a moment of exchange in which an attempt was made to recount a possible way to change the economy from within with a new vision for the future.
The conversation, introduced and moderated by Walter Sancassiani (Focus Lab), featured Claudio Motta, Group Chief Operating Officer Kerakoll, Claudio Testi CEO Socfeder, and Luca Migliorini CEO of Terratinta Group, who in the exchange emphasised his desire since Terratinta’s inception to go beyond the industrial system that seeks only profit to build a different system of values. First of all, trying to create harmony with employees, sharing with them a system of values, and guaranteeing them a balance between work and private life: “We must invest in respect for people, giving responsibility to employees, leaving freedom to creativity. Work must provide security but also satisfaction. Respect for people is at the same level as profit in the polar stars that guide us”.

The company’s journey then continued with the change of statute that led to the constitution of Terratinta Group as a Benefit Society, putting on paper the values that had already been present since Day One of the company and that have become a modus operandi in which everyone participates.
“I have always believed in small actions, also hoping for the effect of emulation,” Luca Migliorini said, “Lots of small actions done with continuity create a small difference. For us, small steps then led to the enormous work required to obtain B Corp Certification, which as I often repeat is not a goal but a beginning.”

The day ended with an important remark: ‘The focus on a more ethical and sustainable economy does not come from a desire to generate business. We do it simply because it is right to do so. This is the territory where we live. Everyone has to bring their own contribution, you can make a difference, without working miracles.”



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