Our journey towards
an increasingly sustainable future.

We have reached the third edition of our Sustainability Report.

A commitment we have made in 2019: to change certain habits with our Change project and to tell our customers and suppliers, the outside world that works with us and shares our achievements.
We started with small gestures in the company, eliminating plastic, drastically reducing internal and catalogue printing, participating with our entire team in the European Sustainable Mobility Week, and involving colleagues in activities to support the community in which we live and work. We have also reached the goal of offsetting 100 per cent of the CO2 emissions we generate through our business and are converting our company fleet to electric cars.
After three years, we can say that for us these have become pleasant habits and an operational way of living the principles included in our Articles of Association from the moment we decided to become a Benefit Company: pursuing corporate welfare every day to improve the relationship between private life and work, carrying out a programme of concrete activities for the environment that surrounds us, becoming a point of reference for the community and the territory, and finally working in a climate of trust and sharing with our customers and suppliers.
These polar stars guided us from the very beginning: putting them down on paper was a natural consequence after years of work.

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Luca Migliorini
CEO Terratinta Group

Sustainability Report 


Terratinta Group: a summary




million euros in revenues in 2021


of suppliers are based in Italy


of the main suppliers of ceramic material has environmental certification of product and process


Added Value generated and distributed to Stakeholders in 2020


carbon offsetting in 2021


number of customers compared to 2018


increase in the number of employees compared to 2019


of the staff is female


training hours provided to employees in 2021


Change means renovate.

Terratinta Group embarks on a path towards the future, and renews corporate practices in terms of Sustainability. With the CHANGE Project, the company wants to contribute to the conservation of the environment through more sustainable choices and professional training courses to raise awareness. The actions can be grouped into three macro-themes: plastic free, paper decrease and green energy, three new drivers for the group’s development..


01 Terratinta Group becomes
Benefit Company

With the Extraordinary General Meeting of October, 20th 2020, Terratinta Group changed its name, now “Terratinta Group Benefit Company Limited Liability”, abbreviated in “Terratinta Group Srl SB”.

Contextually, in line with the disposition of the law on December 28th, 2015 n. 208, the Company has specified that, in the exercise of its own activities, it intends to pursue finalities of common benefit which are:
• Terratinta Group is committed to pursuing corporate welfare that gives satisfaction to people who collaborate within the professional family through physical and intangible elements to improve the relationship between private life and work;
• relationships with customers and suppliers are based on trust and shared values such as ethics, respect and professionalism;
• we are committed to carrying out a program of concrete activities for the environment, with sustainable behavior both inside and outside the company;
• we are also committed to being a benchmark for the community and the territory, particularly supporting sports and children.

Download our Purchase policy for sustainability

02 Terratinta Group becomes a CARBON NEUTRAL company

Since 20 November 2020, Terratinta Group has become a Carbon Neutral company, taking charge of its environmental impacts and choosing to work in a way to make its activities not to impact on the climate. Following up on the first agroforestry project “Fazenda Nascente do Luar”in Brazil, to offset the 2021 emissions of 29.6 carbon credits, Terratinta Group purchased the credits by participating in the Rimba Raya project in Indonesia, the first REDD+ project (Reducing Emission from Deforestation and forest Degradation, i.e. a mechanism aimed at incentivizing actions to reduce deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries), a project audited for SDG compliance according to the SD Vista Standard, which achieved the highest possible rating of contribution to all 17 UN SDGs.

As a result of this action, the company obtained the Carbon Neutrality certificate for Scope 1 and Scope 2 for 2019, 2020 and 2021 emissions.

Terratinta Group compensated both Scope 1 (direct CO2 emissions) and Scope 2 (indirect energy emissions) for a total of 30 tons of carbon dioxide through the use of high quality VCS carbon credits.


03 Plastic free

The first step towards eliminating plastic waste involved removing all plastic containers from vending machines and coffee dispensers. At the same time – for our customers and suppliers – we have chosen glasses and cups totally made of compostable material, sanctioning the complete abandonment of plastic by the company. For internal use we have instead chosen to join the non-production of waste, guaranteeing the availability of washable tableware, customized steel bottles and completely free purified water both natural and sparkling.

Removal of plastic containers

Glasses and cups in compostable material

Distribution of steel bottles

04 Paper decrease

The second step of CHANGE project by Terratinta Group says stop to useless or avoidable prints and the use of digital platforms. Not only CHANGE means the optical archiving of all documentation for internal use (and this is already allowing us to drastically reduce the production of paper). More important, and an even more strategic and revolutionary choice in our sector, CHANGE resulted in the abolition of all paper catalogues, with the exception of the annual general catalogues, allowing us to review the business practices from the basics, changing the forma mentis of each of us and establishing new habits aimed at protecting the environment that will make the whole Terratinta Group a company seriously committed to sustainability and – therefore – the future.

Elimination of unnecessary prints

Digitization of documentation

05 Green energy

Green like electricity and the 100% Green gas we use, purchasing only raw materials produced from renewable sources or obtained through projects promoted by “Gold Standard for the Global Goals”.

Use of electricity and 100% Green gas