A new challenge for Sartoria

Sartoria presents Wallpapers, an eco-friendly product that combines aesthetic research, colour and sartorial care where nature and geometry become endless sources of inspiration.

With Wallpapers, Sartoria makes its debut in the world of wallpaper wall covering, combining aesthetic research, colour and tailoring by bringing together inexhaustible sources of inspiration: flowers, leaves and animals of more or less exotic inspiration, but also squares, triangles, circles and digital themes, a mix of characteristics that develop into 20 different motifs, each with its character.
Wallpapers is a new material that offers durability, aesthetics and also eco-compatibility. In this sense, the collaboration with D-Segno Studio and Anna D’Andrea came about perfectly spontaneously as Terratinta Group shares with the two designers a holistic approach and a 360° perspective that unites man and the world in which he lives.


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