A day at school with Terratinta Group

This morning, Terratinta Group’s CEO Luca Migliorini held a meeting with two 3rd grade classes of the “Baggi” Technical Commercial Institute in Sassuolo as part of the civic education project.

The theme of the innovative lesson held online was the actual sustainability of the Modenese company.

With a brief excursus on the origins of Terratinta Group, he told the students about the goals Terratinta has set itself from the very beginning, and then went on to illustrate with specific examples how a company today must be attentive not only to profit but also to the repercussions of its work on the environment and the community.

Received with great interest and enthusiasm by the students, Migliorini explained in a very straightforward manner how even the daily work of an employee who moves around by car is a cause of pollution, which the company is committed to reducing (by purchasing electric cars, for example) and correcting, with tangible actions such as the reforestation of a Fazenda in Brazil, which has allowed the Company to become Carbon Neutral in November 2020.

A true testimony of the Company’s commitment brought to the new generations for the creation of an increasingly sustainable future.


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