We believe in innovation, through our way of execution, taking ideas and bringing them into the marketplace.

Personal style, #terratintastyle, is the venue through which we share our vision, it develops, expands and becomes more unique as we continue making our vision a reality.
Achieving a personal style represents a significant amount of work, filled with courage and motivation: our personal style is the translation of our vision into actual products, the translation of our thoughts into something that others can see, appreciate and get. We believe in innovation, through our way of execution, taking ideas and bringing them into the marketplace.
This achievement means following our inspirations and vision, being creative, trusting our own instincts, studying the market and the client’s needs and not being afraid to take chances and make our own choices.
For us, the contrast between tradition and innovation, between vintage and modern, is very important: we keep in our ranges, beside innovative big sizes, also historical small sizes, but interpreted with the modern technologies of nowadays.
We also like matching many different Grey tones which follow clean lines and timeless design, between Concrete, Stone and cold Wood look, with the warmth of the colors and decoration. We created a new warm minimalism, following latest trends in Scandinavian style, and mixing our crazy passion for the business with the know-how of the materials.
For these reasons, they can copy us, but #terratintastyle will always be something different.

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An esteemed worldwide brand since 1983 which has transformed over time, offering a full range of products with different styles and finishes, committed with quality.

The collections of Ceramica Magica are created after a research phase on the latest ceramic trends alongside timeless-look products: a cross-cutting, high-profile range suitable for modern architecture and for those who love elegance, the refinement and the attention to detail typical of “Made in Italy”.
Because excellence is an art we aspire to pursue.

#anewstorysince1983 #excellenceisanart


We create ceramic tiles since 1983, following the latest ceramic trends beside eternal look products. A complete range for modern architecture and for all those passionate about the excellence Made in Italy.

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Sartoria is the new project of Terratinta Group which aims to build spaces shaped around whom is living in them.  Every single idea that succeeds in reaching perfect simplicity, comes from long and intense research  formed of debates and discussion, attempts and mistakes.

To  reach the finish line, effort, constancy and passion are needed. Daily commitment to improve something that already seemed perfect, but indeed was not. Stepping outside of the box. We observed people’s habits and their daily-living reality, making a connection between them and their desires and needs. We took the same elements, the same colours that were right before our eyes until yesterday. An image reflected in the glass. The seeming chaos of greenery. The geometric rigour of architecture.


We wanted every action conceived as it was meant to be done. We wanted it to be worth it. Because simple things are the hardest to be done, but are also the ones that push us forward.

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Micro. is an open project, a work in progress. We search the essence, the lowest common denominator. We search ergonomics, synthesis, that little thing can really change our lives for a better living. Do you know what we mean? A more lightweight and resistant material, a moldable coat for example. Beauty, comfort and the use you’re going to make of our products is our primary target. We work with the best designers in the world to carry out this project. We dream a future where all you have around is better than ever.
Small tiles draw infinite suggestions with textures and colors. Walls and floors welcome simple shapes between memory and present

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